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These days, it's all about choice. Consumers aren't just looking for a product or service to buy. They're looking for trust in the transaction. And that's what you'll find at PostItOnline: a community of buyers and sellers who can develop trust in their business relationships together.


Postitonline: the modern way to promote your product or service

Post-it-online is an online video/image classified ads site that features your product or service alongside others. How do you distinguish it? We can help! Our newsletters, blogs, forums and more will not just teach you how to shoot the best video you can, but we'll also teach you about marketing: about how to get new customers to see your video here on We'll even give you a bonus when you bring a new community member on board!

Build trust and loyalty with Postitonline

It's very simple: If customers feel they know you, they're much more likely to return for future needs and remain loyal for a very long time.

Postitonline helps you forge this connection through your video message, commercial, graphic or infomercial of up to five minutes in length. In addition, you can communicate with the community through our forums, so that buyers can see your participation in answering their questions and making the sale easier.

Start finding new customers today!

Promoting your product or service on Post-It-Online is like reaching through customers' computers to personally introduce yourself to them. That's the power of video and image advertising. Let Postitonline help you get started today!