About VideoAdds

Hi Everyone,

I’m Chuck Camp Jr the creator of VideoAdds now "Post-It-Online" along with my very talented programmers. After 4 years of hard work, my site is finally where I'm confident that people can enjoy a great user experience.

I started the creation of VideoAdds in 1993 when I created a new product (hair hoops) that I wanted to introduce to the market place. That was when I discovered that it would take hundreds of thousands of hard earned dollars for marketing my new product.

If I'm in this predicament there must be hundreds of thousands of others just like me needing a way to market themselves. It was then that I thought someone needs to create a website that people can promote products and services with a video commercial they’ve created themselves.

So I started on the journey to find a skilled programmer to help me create a way for others to be able to promote themselves affordably. It took many very frustrating years to find those programmers – most just took me for a ride and wasted my time and money.

Next thing I know in 2005 YouTube entered the scene which was Heart crushing to say the least. I looked at what they created as a whole, and at the time they merely opened the door to on-line video. Teaching the world how to create videos and forging the way for all of us to enjoy them.

Do I wish it was VideoAdds first since I started so many years prior…of course! However, I thought how many gas stations do you drive by in a 50 mile radius? One may have a better price or the next one may have different food – the same, yet different enough to attract customers to each of them.

One thing that really helped was when I spoke to an internet marketing analyst and asked what they thought of my site. The analyst said that VideoAdds and YouTube are 2 completely different formats. YouTube being more informational whereas VideoAdds/Post-It-Online is like YouTube, and craigslist with a touch of eBay combined, all in one affordable format. Much like a shopping mall of products and services all in one place, done properly could have its own huge success.

That was enough to give me the will and strength to push on and bring VideoAdds to you.

Remember video brings everything to life! Pictures just don't show what a video can. Think of all the things a video could do for your products and services. Would you just want to see a picture of a car, truck, bulldozer and 4 wheeler or would you like to hear it and see it operate?

Please share with all your friends. By liking and sharing you will be helping us to build a great site for everyone to enjoy, searching for products and services you need. Join us today help make VideoAdds.com the best it can be. Postitonline is here to help everyone share their products and services in an affordable way.

I hope to see you on Post-It-Online soon!

Thank You,
Chuck Camp Jr.

So I set out on a mission to change the way people promote a product for sale, or a service for hire.

I wanted to offer people a way to sell and promote the products and services that they’d spent time inventing, acquiring, or perfecting. So I created PostItOnline.net to help others.

Helping others fulfills and completes me.

I hope you find what fulfills and completes you, and that Post-It-Online can help make your dream a reality.