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Home Inspection Staten Island http://olympiancares.com/staten_islan... Whether you are in Eltingville, by the Verrazzano bridge or along Hylan boulevard, OlympianCares has performed a Staten Island home inspection close to yours. When making one of the largest investments in your lifetime, get a hold of the most thorough and well established name in the industry; Visit OlympianCares when you know you are ready for that all so critical home inspection Staten Island. To learn even more on the importance of a Staten Island home inspection check this page on our website http://olympiancares.com/staten-islan... OlympianCares Home Inspections 1365 North Railroad Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10306 Phone: (718) 305-4834 http://olympiancares.com https://plus.google.com/1037559108016... - Our Google Plus https://twitter.com/olympiancares - Tweet us http://olympiancares.com/feed/ - Inspection News Feed An overview of different types of home inspections in Staten Island Staten Island Home inspection can be classified into different categories. Various classifications can be made, based on the requirements of the customers, size and shape of the home, equipment used for home inspection and so on. Take a look at some of the most popular classifications: Standard home inspections Staten Island Most people opt for a standard home inspection when they decide to purchase a home, condominium or apartment. It can be described as a visual inspection of various working components of the home and an in depth report will be presented to the clients, containing photos, recommendations and maintenance tips. New construction home inspection Staten Island areas If you are thinking about constructing a new home new construction inspection companies will assess your new home at regular intervals. The process will start with construction of foundation and expert opinions will be provided as well. When there is a difference of opinion between you and the builder, inspectors will provide mediation and sincere efforts will be made to run the project in a smooth manner. Mobile home inspection Mobile inspections are pretty similar to standard inspections. Most states perform a health and safety inspection in mobile home parks once in every five year and mobile home inspections include further assessment of the components that are evaluated by the state. Home Inspection Staten Island Possession turnover inspections When you are ready to receive the keys of a new Staten Island home, these types of inspections should be conducted and quality service providers will perform a detailed inspection to assess the existing condition of the home. They will return before the expiry of the home warranty for conducting another inspection as well. Home Inspection & Condominium inspections The basic difference between condominium inspections and standard home inspection Staten Island is that the former does not include the roof or exterior inspection. You will not be able to find garages in most condos and the inspection charges will always be on the lower side. Multifamily unit inspections in Staten Island and the Surrounding Areas Conducting home inspections in Staten Island on various properties like apartment complexes, duplexes and triplexes can be described as a tricky affair and experienced professionals will perform all these tasks with great punctuality. They will have the much required competency and experience to handle the tenant related problems and scheduling as well. Recall check Recall check can be described as the appliance recall reporting system and responsible companies will write down the model numbers and serial numbers of all leading appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, heating and cooling equipment, dishwashers, water heaters, smoke detectors, dryers, microwaves and exhaust fans. After having submitted your appliances, a detailed report about the condition of these appliances will be given to you within a short period of time. Indoor air quality inspection Certified professionals will conduct a detailed home inspection in staten island to check the indoor quality and they will have the necessary equipment to test the availability of various types of impurities including mold and other types of indoor air irritants. Such a test will help you to alleviate all types of allergies to children and pets. Rental walk through home inspection Staten Island When you sign a lease agreement, you should avail the services of a good inspection company and they will guide you through all complexities involved with this process. Reputed companies will help you identify all defects when you move in and when you move out, you will be able to receive your deposit back without any hassles. They will also help you understand rental law in an uncomplicated manner. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qy7JVm... Home Inspection Staten Island Video This is a DEMO video from www.youtube.com