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Are you in need of a quality horse stable in the Portage area? At B Bar Services we have always taken great pride in our over 30 year career of caring for horses in the Northwest Indiana area. We are conveniently located since we are right off of 80-94., Reaching us is so easy since we are close to both the Central Avenue exit or the Ripley Street ext.

Are you looking for a professional horse boarding service that will take care of your horse 24/7 and wont charge you an arm and a leg? Portage horse boarding has been one of our passions and realize that not everyone can afford to own a horse and spend money like its water on keeping it safe and healthy. That's why we keep our prices low, so that horse lovers like ourselves can enjoy the pleasure of owning a horse too.

Do you need a horse boarding facility that has the experience and you can trust? As I mentioned before we've been doing this for over 30 years and have seen it all. We have multiple veterinarians on call and one is right in Portage, less than a mile from our horse stable. You can count on us to know what to do and when to do it if something comes up with your beloved horse.

B Bar Services is THE horse boarding and horse stable for Portage. Boarding horses in a quality horse stable facility is an easy choice now that this Portage horse boarding facility is both inexpensive and friendly.

As I said earlier, Portage horse stables conveniently located right off 80-94. Recognizes as a quality horse stables facility friendly and and of course horse stables riding is welcome.

If your want horse stable riding boarding or horse stable riding adults and horse stable riding full service you've come to the right place indeed. If you are in need of a horse stable boarding fenced than look no further.

The best Portage horse riding boarding fenced and horse boarding services with the friendliest horse boarding facility riding is here.

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