I’ve just joined Post It Online and I don’t see my video. Where did it go?

If you are just joining Post It Online, and you have uploaded your first video - there may be several reasons why your video may not be appearing "yet"

  1. First all videos uploaded to Post It Online need to be transcoded so they are available for playback on all device types. Depending on the size and position in the upload que it may be a few hours before it is fully transcoded and available for view. Once the video has completed transcoding you will be notified by email when it has published with a link to your video in it.
  2. To keep Post It Online safe everyone and users of all ages - videos uploaded to Post It Online are pre-screened for safety by an administrator of Post It Online prior to publishing. After a given number of successful videos uploaded by any given user accounts are reviewed and if Post It Online administration feels comfortable an account can have pre-screening removed* to speed up the video posting process.
  3. If you have received an email saying your video has been published and you still can not fund it - you may have miss-categorized it. To check this you can see your published and non-published videos in your account under the "My Videos" tab - Here you can see how you classified your video and the link to it. If you need to adjust your videos classification follow the link to the video and on the page there will be an Edit Button/Tab - Click on the "Edit Button/Tab" now select the proper classification and hit the save button. The page will refresh automatically updating with the new classification. PLEASE NOTE: Be careful not to delete your video or try to re-upload it while editing your categories or information associated with the video - Unless you need to edit your video, in which case the video will need to be transcoded and pre-screened again. If you accidentally delete your video while editing use the Cancel button and start over.
  4. If none of the above circumstances are the answer you're looking for or need more help with locating your video you can always contact Post It Online Support - We would be more than happy to help!

~Post It Online