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Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts

"Arts & crafts" describes a wide variety of activities that involve making things with your own hands. Arts & crafts is usually a hobby.

Some arts & crafts projects include ceramics, badge-making, cake and cookie decorating, decoupage, fabric projects, face & body painting, macrame, enameling, weaving, rug-making, jewelry-making, mask-making, foam projects, leather crafts, clay modeling, papier-mache, tie-dye, wood crafts and wood--burning, quilting, needlecraft, knitting, and crochet work.

Some arts & crafts materials include adhesives, cutting tools, paints, ceramics, paper & boards, batting & stuffing, balsa wood, beads, burlap, feathers, glass, glitter, glue sticks, fabric, foam, felt, fur, microkilns, tiles, mesh, looms, leather, wood-carving tools, varnish, yarn, polymer clay, print sets, Styrofoam, dowels, and more.

These videos are where you'll go for supplies, instruction, inspiration, and more!

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