Grootbos | Wine Tasting Tours in the Cape


Grootbos | Wine Tasting Tours in the Cape

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Grootbos Private Nature Reserve is nestled in the Western Cape surrounded by stunning wine pockets of the Overberg region where guests can explore sensory bliss as the red wine flows like velvet and the verdant pastures can be tasted in the fragrant white wines.

Grootbos proudly boasts only wine from the local area of the Overberg. By supporting these local and delicious wines we hope to create awareness on what this place has to offer. The wine routes through the Overberg region are not as popular as Stellenbosch and Franschhoek and other wine routes around Cape Town but that is also half the charm. Rather enjoy a wine tour 'off the beaten track' that promises to be a memorable journey. From Grootbos you can visit the most Southern wine route in Africa and explore rustic destinations rife with natural adversities that elicit intense flavours in the wine. The wine connoisseurs of the Overberg region have orchestrated these adversities and intense flavours into a symphony of flavour that promises to seduce your senses.

Stanford is the closest of all the wine pockets and this Old Victorian town has a warm hospitality and good food to complement the sensational wine. Taste the rich history that began with the first Dutch settlers combined with the fragrant wisps of the Kleinriver and rumbling mountains. Hermanus is a well-known destination because of its superior land-based whale watching but few realise the Hemel-en-Aarde road is rife with quaint bistros, stunning views, delicious cuisine and exquisite wine. Then discover the Elim and Cape Agulhas wine route that boasts geographical significance as the southernmost wine route in Africa. Meander through verdant valleys with cows and villages lost in time only to come across wine farms set in a natural utopia. The severe natural adversities like the persistent south-easterly wind and the tumultuous clash of the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean prevent the upward growth of the vines so that the grapes elicit extreme flavours. The wine connoisseurs have taken on wine-making with the same ardour as the weathered sailors, with fierce determination and a gentle skill.

In South Africa wine is not just a drink, but a combination of art, culture and passion. Discover these qualities on a wine tour with Grootbos.

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