Better Sound For Your Video Ad

So you've decided to record a video to sell your product or service. Great decision--video is reaching millions of people every day!

However, it's not quite as easy as a simple point and shoot. Poor quality sound dramatically increases the chance that viewers will click away from your video before reaching the end. And that makes sense: imagine going to a play but only hearing the actors' voices intermittently! You'd probably leave, too.

And unfortunately, when you're using a tablet or a smartphone to record your video, the sound you're getting from your built-in microphone may not be good enough to entice consumers to buy from you.

Which isn't to say that it's impossible. If you're very careful, you can record usable audio using your device's microphone by following these steps:

  • Try to record somewhere quiet with minimal background noise. If you're indoors, remember that lights, fans, and especially refrigerators produce a hum that can be picked up and even amplified on your video.
  • Get your device as close to what you're recording as possible. This may be a problem when you're trying to appear in the video at the same time!

Our recommendation is for you to use an external microphone, one that will allow you to catch the sound you want--and not the sound that you don't!

There are a lot of options out there for microphones that will work with your tablet and/or smartphone. The most important consideration, ahead of price and ease of use, is compatibility. Make sure that any microphone, headset, or adapter is compatible with your device.

There's no way to tall from the outside which is the proper jack for your tablet or smartphone, so make sure that you research it online first. Interestingly, the Apple adapter is becoming the norm, so Apple-compatible devices now work on many recent android phones. Make sure you check before you buy!

Oh, and a final audio tip: turn off everything on your smartphone or tablet that could interrupt your recording (calendar alerts, text messaging, reminder alarms and, most importantly, the phone feature itself!).

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