Creating a Great Video: Tripods

Sure, you can record with your smartphone or tablet in your hands. But the truth is, unless you want to go for the handheld-special-effects genre so dear to certain television programs, you're going to want something steadier. That can make all the difference between an amateur-looking video and a professional-looking one.

And guess which one your prospective clients or customers will want to watch?

Enter the tripod, a deceptively simple accessory that will make that difference for you.

They may all look relatively similar, but there are some differences among tripod types:

  • Tripod heads come in two types: ball heads and three-way heads. Ball heads have a single locking screw that you loosen to move your camera or smartphone. Ball heads are light, relatively inexpensive, and compact: unless you're setting out to do professional photography, they're a good choice.
  • Most tripods let you select more than one leg angle, so you can splay the legs farther apart to lower your smartphone or camera. When you extend the legs, the sections will be locked into position with either a clip or a twisting collar. Our recommendation is twisting collars: they don't stick out and they're easy to use.
  • Tripods are generally made of either carbon fiber or aluminum. Carbon fiber is light and strong, but expensive; if weight isn't an issue, then you're just as well off with aluminum.
  • If you're just going to be shooting videos of small objects and you have limited space, smaller tabletop tripods are available.

As for a brand to choose, Google is your friend: there's something for every budget and shooting need, so check it out. All of this will help make your VideoAdds video stand out. Want more selling tips? Check out our forums today!