Video Web Presence Optimization: Building Brand Awareness and Loyalty

You're selling something. It might be a product. It might be a service. Either way, you're trying to get people to buy something from you.

This is what we're going to refer to as your brand.

There are two major challenges for every marketer, regardless of the industry or product involved: getting more people to know about your brand (increasing brand awareness), and keeping your brand at the top of mind of those who already know about it (brand loyalty).

Search marketing is rightly viewed as an acquisition tool, and social media as a tool for engaging current customers and brand enthusiasts. And you should use both of them to bring people to your VideoAdds ad! But a powerful web presence fueled by effective search and social media strategies can absolutely take a brand to the next level by maximizing your reach and maintaining positive sentiment around your brand.

Web Presence Optimization

The idea of web presence optimization involves not only maximizing your reach to your target audience online, but also maximizing the value of interaction with what it .

The key to their success is simple. SEO has always been about signals. Signals to search engines of a video's importance and relevance on a certain subject.

The Impact of Search on Your Web Presence

Search is, primarily, a customer-acquisition tool. This powerful system in which customers actively searching for information on products and services are matched with businesses looking to reach such individuals is indeed remarkable.

The search dynamic begins with a user typing in a search query, receiving information in the form of listings from the search engines, and acting on that information. This may sound mundane, but from some of my observations, some businesses don't really understand the importance of this process, and the effect it should have on strategy.

The Impact of Social Media on Your Web Presence

Social media is the in-thing these days, and rightly so. It is the mechanism for facilitating engagement with brands, and touches just about every aspect of the online experience. These days, just about every business, organization, athlete or artist has a social media presence, and is making some attempt to engage audiences and fans in this medium. But usually when it comes down to it, many businesses confess that, while they have put up Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, they are not exactly sure what to do with social media.

As mentioned earlier, the goal of web presence optimization is to maximize reach, as well as the value of every interaction with your brand, and the second part of that statement probably applies more to social media than the first part. There are 4 ways in which social media affects your web presence:

  1. It allows you to take the pulse of your customers and target audience. By monitoring social media activity around your brand, whether it be on your Facebook page or Twitter account, or on sites out of control, you gain valuable insights into the mind of your customer. This information is extremely useful in driving effective engagement with your target audience through social media and other channels.
  2. It allows you to engage in conversations with your target audience - And it does so in a way that we have never seen before. It also enables you to find individuals who have had less than great experiences with your competition and reach out to them.
  3. It can help make your brand go viral. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have made and broken many brands. The ease with which content can be shared these days presents a significant opportunity to the savvy marketer. The deliberate, strategic development of a social media presence combined with interesting campaigns and tactics can lead to your brand's content going viral and exponentially boosting brand awareness.
  4. It can improve your search presence. Not only does social media affect organic rankings directly, but it can also result in placement via videos or Tweets which we now routinely find intermixed with our more "traditional" listings on the search engines.

So now that you have a video on VideoAdds, make sure that you help market it. Bring people in via search and social media, and you'll see your views--and sales! --go up.