Promote It!

What keywords do I choose for my video that will get people to find it?

  • Keywords are possible the most important part of SEO. Choose words (or a grouping of words) that best describes what you're selling, like "new motorcycle for sale, Yamaha motorcycle for sale, selling brand-new motorcycle, motorcycle for sale in Denver, Colorado."
  • Look for similar items (or services, I don't know what it is you're offering) for sale elsewhere on the internet and see what people have used for them.

How do I promote my video once it’s on the site?

Promoting your video can be easy and fun

  • Check out this blog: Giving Your Marketing Video A Boost
  • Linking your video page to Facebook, Twiiter, Google Plus and other Social Networks is a great way to promote items, products and services - a lot of times people in your social media circles will pass it on to others without a though, especially when they no someone who might be interested.