Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I sign up?

A: Signup is easy! Click on "Get Started" in the main menu, if you are new to Post-It-Online you can signup by placing an order under "Place Order" or use the "Get Started Today!" link that will take you to optional signup page with more details. Just follow the instruction that walk you through the process. If you're signing up with a email promotion, you may need to follow additional directions from the email--depending on the promotion type.

Q: Do I have to be a professional videographer to use Postitonline?

A: Absolutely not! What we're doing here is creating a visual community bulletin board. If you have something that you want to sell, you're the best person to describe it for--and show it to--the camera. And we'll teach you how to shoot it!

Q: Why use this site instead of Vimeo or YouTube?

A: It's easy to get lost in large sites--and to have what you're selling get lost, too. Postitonline offers a community of people who want to shop, who want to see exactly what you're offering, and who are here not for entertainment but for one purpose: to browse and buy. Isn't it better to have 20 qualified prospects view your video or gallery post, than 200 people who have no interest in it?

Q: Who will view my video or gallery post?

A: We're working hard every day to enlarge our community of video and imagery shoppers. You can do your part by referring a new member and receiving 50% off your next post! The more people join the community, the more potential buyers you'll be reaching.

Q: How long will my featured video or gallery post be on the home page?

A: You control that. You can have it featured for one day, one week, or as long as you'd like. Hopefully it will sell quickly and you won't need any more featured time!

Q: Is it difficult to sell services with PostItOnline?

A: Not at all. Let's say that you have a massage studio and are looking for more clients. There's nothing better than a video or image gallery to show the ambiance of your salon, to walk prospective clients through the rooms, let them hear your soothing music, maybe even (with permission) show yourself giving a client a massage. Anything is possible with video and images; nothing is left to the imagination. It's great for graphic artists, plumbers, bookkeepers, chiropractors.... Anyone offering a service that's more clearly explained through movement and images.

Q: Do you run specials?

A: All the time! We have specials that are available to you when you refer new members, and we also have specials that you can only access when you sign up for our newsletter. (Hint: so why not sign up right now?)

Q: How do I upload a video?

A: Video or gallery upload on Postitonline is a breeze. Once you have an account set up with an active video/gallery slot, uploading a video or images is simple. From the site's main menu, position your mouse over Get Started and you'll see a drop-down menu. Position your mouse over Upload Post and another drop-down menu will appear.  Click the post type you want to upload a video or images to. (You must select the type of post slot you have available in your account or you'll be redirected to the purchase page.) If you have a Products & Items post slot available, select Upload Post >> Products and Items.  If you're uploading a Service post, select UploadPost >> Services for Hire. See how easy that was? Just be careful: it's important that you upload your video to the correct post type, whether it's products and items or services. Once the Post Upload form appears, you'll find additional instructions that will help you get the best possible promotion, including suggestions for category selection, descriptions, and more.

Q: How do I fix/change a post I don't like?

A: When viewing the post, click edit and then unpublish the post (note: this will not delete it). There's no additional fee for replacing a video or images you already had on the site if you decide that you want to exchange it for another. You may swap between videos or images whenever you choose and as many times as you choose.

If your changing the product/item or service in the post, please unpublish and/or mark the post "sold" this will allow you to create another post of that type after from scratch with all new information.

Q: How do I respond to a visitor contacting me?

A: You will receive notices from potential buyers with questions

Q: How do I find a service I need or product I want?

A: We have a great search system at Postitonline! Place the name of the product or service you're looking for in our search field, and if we have it, you'll find it. You can also browse through the site categories.

Q: How do I get paid when my item sells?

A: PostItOnline does not deal with any financial transactions; those are between you and the buyer. We have a blog post that gives tips on protecting yourself when you conduct financial transactions online. We recommend using PayPal to minimize risk.

Q: How do I remove a post?

A: info here

Q: How do I sign up for newsletters?

A: Scroll down to the bottom of the home page and you'll find the signup field there.

Q: How do I recommend a friend?

A: info here


Do you have a question that we haven't answered here, or that needs to be added to this list? Check out the forums to see if it's been answered there, or contact us and we'll answer and/or include it!