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What is an antique? The rule of thumb used by most antique dealers is that anything 100 years old, or older, is an antique. Items that are old, but not quite that old, are called vintage (though there's one exception, cars, which are considered antique after 25 years).

So an antique is essentially an old collectable item. It is collected or desirable because of its age, beauty, rarity, condition, utility, personal emotional connection, and/or other unique features. It is an object that represents a previous era or time period in human society.

Antiques are usually objects that show some degree of craftsmanship or a certain attention to design; how often do you hear people say, "They don't make that kind of quality anymore"? Antiques are bought at antique shops, estate sales, antique auction houses, online antique auctions, and other venues.

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  • Antique shops: Here you'll find antique stores and antique shops that either feature general antique merchandise (all sorts of antiques inside) or specialized (some antiques focus on a period, for example, or just one collectible such as toy soldiers, antique rugs or art, or dolls).
  • Vintage clothing: Need something classy for your next costume party? Or maybe you just like the look of bygone eras. Either way, vintage clothing is your sartorial ticket to going back in time, and these videos will show you how!
  • Antique books, antiquarian books, & rare books: Antique books are highly collectible items. First editions of important works command high prices, while signed editions are also extremely valuable. Check out these antique book videos to see exactly what you're getting!
  • Antique dealers: Some antique dealers work in antique shops or antique consignment centers, while others do antique auctions or flea markets. Check out where these antique dealers work via video.
  • Antique appraisers: Do you have something to sell, but want to find out first what it's worth? Don't wait for Antiques Roadshow to come to your town... instead, hire one of these antique appraisers to help you understand exactly what it is that you own or plan to buy or sell.
  • Becoming an antique appraiser: Here's how you can get started as an antique appraiser.
  • Antique auctions: see Auctions.
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